5 Best Digital Marketing Tools

February 24, 2021

Digital marketing tools offer the best ways for you to work rationally and build more effective campaigns.

The resources offered by the tools are indicated to make the marketer more prepared to face different challenges.

The best marketing tools offer a north, a path to be followed. With the data generated by these tools, you have the opportunity to see which of your actions are actually being effective and which campaigns are generating the most results.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the tool most used by marketers. It performs performance analysis on campaigns and marketing actions carried out by a virtual store, ideal for viewing metrics.

The tool, developed by Google, is responsible for monitoring your website's traffic and can be installed on any E-commerce or blog. The (free) marketing tool works much more than simple monitoring.

In addition to monitoring traffic, Google Analytics can also monitor how the user behaves within your site. Clicks and activities in the various sections of your online store, for example, are recorded by the tool.

With the data generated by Analytics, the marketer is able to examine the interactions that occur on his website, observing the performance of a marketing campaign, for example.

When it comes to digital marketing, Google Analytics proves to be an indispensable tool, allowing the measurement of results and facilitating decision making within your E-commerce.


The SEMRush is another amazing tool made to help and make life easier for the professional who works with digital marketing. SEMrush's main focus is on SEO techniques and mechanisms, offering advanced searches on keywords, links, and also domain analysis, even from competitor sites.

One of the biggest differentials presented by SEMrush is to gather all the resources for SEO in just a single tool. You will not need to subscribe or spend a lot of money to purchase various digital marketing services. SEO Washington DC

SEMrush stands out for being excellent in measuring organic traffic to your domain, be it a website, E-commerce, or blog. With the tool, you can measure the main organic keywords on your site.

The tool allows searching for organic keywords, positioning your domain, and also keep an eye on competitive strategies.

Another great feature of SEMrush is the detailed analysis of links, which is decisive for placing your site on the first pages of Google's search engines.

SEMrush presents incredible tools, such as Keyword Difficulty, which allows the user to measure the difficulty of a word, being able to discover the best ways to increase positions in relation to the competition.


Although it is a paid tool, SimiliarWeb presents a series of free resources. First of all, the feature gives the marketer the chance to further improve their business strategies.

SimiliarWeb is one of the main tools for competition analysis, in which the marketer can study a website, application, or platform in detail.

Surprisingly simple to use, SimilarWeb makes it possible to know the sources of traffic to your website, as well as knowing important data from other websites.

Used by big names in E-commerce, SimilarWeb is undoubtedly one of the best tools for e-commerce used today. Therefore, your place on our list of best digital marketing tools is more than deserved.


Keywords are extremely important for you to place relevant content in the top positions of Google search. The KeywordSpy is a completely different tool, the first being just a search engine for keywords.

But the tool is also used for the analysis of your competition, indicating keywords so that the professional knows how to highlight your website in relation to the others.

KeywordSpy is one of the best options for the marketer, more specifically an SEO expert. The tool's functionalities allow the elaboration of really efficient strategies, for the improvement of its contents and to place your website, blog, or E-commerce and more evidence.

Google Optimize

digital marketing
digital marketing

Earlier, we talked about the wonders presented by Analytics, however, Google still presents many other interesting marketing tools, such as Optimize.

Within marketing, there is something we call the A/B test. It is nothing more than experiments carried out in order to compare certain aspects within your website, and thus define which are the best strategies to increase traffic and the conversion rate of your virtual store, for example.

There are some tools for performing A/B testing within your site, such as Google Optimize. The tool communicates intelligently with Analytics, deeply analyzing the behavior of your website's visitor, allowing the generation of a large amount of data for analysis.

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