Adaptation of Advertising for Different Channels

April 10, 2021

Having found your target audience, you can start promoting the product. At this stage, it is important to consider that your potential buyers can be very different from your habitat. In addition, it is not always necessary to focus on people; sometimes you have to adapt materials for search engines.

You need to be aware that one advertising strategy for all sites and variations of the target audience will not be enough. We will have to develop new solutions even at the level of platforms and technical means of information dissemination.


Here you will have to think not only about living people who will buy certain services from you. The target audience for site optimization is also the robots of the search services Google and Yandex. You have to think about what keywords and tags to use in order to please and interest the search engines.

This is one of the most powerful tools for promoting a website on the web, but at the same time, it is least of all associated with living people, although it indirectly relies on real search queries that potential customers enter. It is necessary to study the search habits of the target audience and, focusing on them, adjust the advertising materials so that the search engine is satisfied and the potential buyer finds the necessary resource.

To optimize content and ads, you need an SEO specialist who can choose the right search queries and use them wisely so as not to overdo it with the number of keywords and phrases.


Another important area for brand promotion is social media. Social Media Manager is an employee who creates the image of your product on various social networks.

Depending on the chosen social network and target audience, the method of promotion, the style of communication with the audience, and the advertising materials used on the social network may vary.

On Twitter, the audience is quite specific, there even Sberbank is involved in the dissemination of relevant memes and makes fun of itself.

On Instagram, everything is a little more civilized due to a more reserved audience. In Odnoklassniki, the audience is more mature, so a different approach is needed to it, a different type of native advertising, etc.

For any social network, you need a competent SMM who knows his job and is familiar with your target audience.

Targeted Advertising

The most widespread and effective form of advertising. These are the ubiquitous banners on social networks, apps, and web pages. The fundamental difference between such banners and others is an adaptation to a specific target audience.

Targeting is targeting a group of people to which an ad is targeted. This is where the portrait of the ideal buyer will show itself in all its glory. It will help reduce marketing costs and improve marketing performance. Simply put, there will be more conversions to real deals.


Content on the site can serve as an advertisement. It helps to promote the main product or is an addition to the main source of income. Content materials are closely related to SEO. They are embedded keywords and phrases that help to bring pages to the top positions in the search results.

Ideally, it would be worth regularly issuing viral materials flying around the network, but this is impossible, so it is worth adhering to common sense and filling the resource with the content on the relevant topic, without going overboard with optimization.

Mailing List

Advertising materials often reach the audience via email. Great deals, reminders of upcoming discounts, and just interesting articles about the product fly there. It all depends on the marketing strategy of the company.

To increase the effectiveness of this strategy, you need to divide the target audience into segments and for each creates a separate letter aimed specifically at the interests of the selected segment. If you send out the same materials to everyone, then there is a much better chance of increasing not the conversion, but the number of people who refused the email newsletter.

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