Best Services Offered when Integrating physical and virtual store?

April 10, 2021

Integrating physical and virtual store is an extremely advantageous strategy to impact more customers. But for such integration, it is necessary to provide some services, which we will learn about below.

Catalog in one place

When integrating physical and virtual stores, the entire catalog of your physical store may also be available in your E-commerce. It is as if your store has infinite aisles, where products are better organized and easier to find.

Customers can browse your website, view the items your company offers, and compare prices with just one click. Delivering this value to the customer is extremely important, as online commerce is increasingly in demand.

Combined Strategies

Combining the physical store with the virtual store means working with combined sales strategies so that both channels are advantageous and do not disturb each other.

One of the main strategies that can be used in this integration is the so-called Pick-up Store (or also Click & Collect), in which the customer buys online and withdraws from the physical store.

Upon arriving at the store, the customer will already have the order purchased and paid for, as well as separate and the packaging will be finished. This saves time and offers a differentiated shopping experience for the customer.

When this type of strategy proves to be effective, the consumer starts to have more confidence in his company, being able to buy in different sales channels always with the certainty of good service and security.

Have an ERP integrated with the online store

This is a rule of thumb for those who want to integrate physical and virtual stores. The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a management feature that unifies business management in a single software: inventory, invoicing, payment, product registration, logistics, suppliers, and many others.

This centralization avoids the use of several programs that can easily be replaced by just a single ERP.

When hiring an E-commerce platform, the presence of an integrated ERP is extremely important, so that your online store really offers the possibility of integrating more sales channels in a unified system.

Why is integration with online important for physical store owners?

For a long time, online retail was considered a staunch enemy of "traditional" stores. However, these two business models may well live in harmony and retailers have realized the benefits of integrating these channels.

The expansion of store owners to online media ends up requiring modernization of old methods of work, a task that ends up being necessary, to adapt to the consumer who increasingly seeks digital solutions to solve any type of need.

Online channels are still extremely advantageous for optimizing physical store sales. This is because E-commerce sales offer something that physical sales do not yet do effectively: data collection.

Most of the time, customers who make offline purchases do not leave much data to the shopkeeper. This ends up hampering the development of new strategies, as well as making it impossible to view information considered important.

Data collection is extremely effective in online commerce, allowing the registration of complete information about the consumer, such as age, region, the source of access, and many others.

Online commerce also presents a great diversification in strategies to convince the customer to actually make the conversion. With a rich database, it is possible to use strategies such as email marketing, in order to convert leads (visitors who can become customers) into consumers themselves.

In addition, online channels also allow retailers to reach more people through search engines. When searching for a particular product, customers can find their online store in the middle of searches.

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