Discover the 5 main Google Analytics metrics for E-commerce

April 10, 2021

Google Analytics is one of the main tools for virtual commerce, we already know that. But do you really know what are the key metrics for Google Analytics for E-commerce?

When we talk about Web Analytics, the first tool that comes across is the name of GA. In addition to being the most used analysis service in the world, Google Analytics is quite complete in terms of information.

What is Google Analytics and what is it for?

Google Analytics is the most famous tool when it comes to analyzing website traffic. Because it is complete, the platform is able to provide detailed information to its user.

Google Analytics groups different functionalities, which are essential for a good elaboration of your company's digital marketing strategy.

When installing Google Analytics on your website, you will get an overview of the main actions that visitors take on your website. Unlike the offline circuit, the online environment allows the measurement of how the audience behaves on a given website.

Conversion Rate

This is one of the main E-commerce metrics that we find on the Google Analytics platform. The conversion rate has the main purpose of indicating the results of actions in relation to your sales.

This metric is extremely versatile and can be used in several areas within your business. From converting your campaigns to the click-through rate on an E-mail or the number of visitors who purchased from your store, the conversion rate can be used in all of these cases.

Abandoned cart fee

The abandoned cart rate is one of the most important metrics in Google Analytics for E-commerce. This fee refers directly to the payment methods, delivery logistics, and also to the clarity of the information available on the product page.

This metric is calculated when you use the number of visitors who added products to the cart and did not complete the purchase. In many cases, the customer leaves the checkout page, as it is not yet decided whether to buy the product or not.

Average ticket value

The average ticket metric refers to how much each customer spends on average, on a purchase in your online store. The average ticket value is calculated monthly, however, you can calculate this rate at any time interval.

Organic Sessions

Tracking the number of organic sessions allows you to evaluate the results of your SEO actions (Search Engine Optimization).

Organic sessions are visits that are generated from a search on Google or another search site. That is, this visitor did not reach your domain through paid advertisements.

This metric can be tracked directly in Google Analytics, where you access the acquisition section, viewing the traffic channels of your virtual store.


The ROI or Return on Investment is a key metric of E-commerce and is used to calculate the return value obtained in relation to how much was invested.

ROI can be applied to different areas within E-commerce, because of that, it is so important to know its value. Calculating your ROI is the best way to discover the investment of your actions in digital marketing, for example.

An extremely important aspect that must be taken into account when calculating ROI is the investment time, as well as the possible events and occasions that can affect the value such as holidays (Christmas, Black Friday, and others).

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