Google May Update its Page Ranking Algorithm in 2021

April 10, 2021

At the WebmasterWorld forum, SEO specialists began to discuss potential changes in the way Google's page ranking algorithms work.

Webmasters have noticed anomalous fluctuations in indicators in popular tools for tracking traffic and associate this with the next global update of the search engine results.

Website owners and administrators complain that they lost up to 30% of their traffic overnight. Many people note unexpected massive shifts in the number of website visitors in the negative direction. Screenshots from popular SERP systems show how the curve showing the number of clicks per resource fluctuates too much.

Similar unconfirmed changes to algorithms have occurred before. On February 8, site indicators began to change dramatically, and on the 11th, Google talked about the innovations in the ranking system. Some SEO experts hope that the current mini-cataclysm is a correction of previously made mistakes because the algorithm update on the 8th significantly spoiled the statistics for many webmasters.

Perhaps the next drop in the number of visitors should be taken as a test launch of a new ranking system or as an addition to the previous update. Google has not yet commented on the situation.

Now, you could wait for the algorithms to change or get to understand how to drive traffic to your site?

How is Traffic Measured?

When someone visits the site, information about the new visitor immediately appears on it.

To track indicators, you need to use specialized third-party software.

For example, Yandex. You can connect a Yandex counter to your site and get up-to-date information about visitors, not only the number of visits but other important data as well. Among them:

How Long Users Stay on the Site:

  • ●  How often do people make a purchase or order a service on the site? Still, the conversion is more important than traffic itself.
  • ●  How expensive each visitor is. If all-new "visits" come from expensive contextual advertising and do not pay off, then this is a reason to think about changing the promotion scheme. How to Drive Traffic to Your Website?
  • ●  Optimize your site for work with search engines​: The resource should be fast, without excess ads, with relevant content and the right keywords, links, etc.
  • ●  Create new content (regularly)​: Always update your site with good articles, reviews, and news.
  • ●  Add exclusive content​: Don't just copy existing texts based on key phrases, but come up with new themes so that people will be interested in returning to your site.
  • ●  Master new formats​: If you only make text content, then you lose an audience that watches YouTube videos or listens to podcasts. Create other content options. Duplicate articles on YouTube videos, discuss them on podcasts, post on social media.
  • ●  Invite eminent personalities to collaborate on materials​: Perhaps the audience will be interested in your resource after a couple of articles from your favorite author appear on it.
  • ●  Keep track of your competitors​: Keep up with similar resources. See what they implement and do the same but in your own way. That it was not just a copy, but a rethinking of the same ideas. Identify your target audience and create ads for them:
  • ●  Use social media​: Duplicate links on social networks. Create unique content there to attract even more people and invite them to the main site.
  • ●  Set up mutual ads​: Negotiate mutual advertising with similar resources. Write a post about them, and they will write about you in response. This way you will be sharing traffic with each other.
  • ●  Contextual advertising​: Buy banners on popular sites using the services of targeting experts. Instead of a conclusion Use different promotion techniques and minimize costs. To do this, you need to attract "high-quality" traffic that can be easily converted into sales and helps in the further development of the site.

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