Google Search Console: a comprehensive guide to the tool

April 10, 2021

Do you know the features of Google Search Console and have already used some of the spectacular reports offered by the tool?

Using Google Search Console tools means understanding how the search engine sees your site, so you can make the necessary optimizations.

Although it is an old and widely known tool, do you really know everything that Google Search Console is capable of offering?

Search Console is a well-known tool used by webmasters, already used for almost a decade by experts in the field. And in mid-2015, the search giant renamed its tool to Google Search Console.

Year by year, Google provides new tools for data analysis and new updates to Search Console, further optimizing the service and making site tracking much more optimized.

Google Search Console: an overview

Google Search Console, also called Search Console or GSC, is a data center that allows complete monitoring of your website.

The tool is available free of charge, with all its resources developed and distributed by Google.

Until mid-2015, the tool was called Webmaster Tools and in early 2018, the tool was redesigned and the beta version of Search Console was launched.

Enabling a series of actions, the GSC provides valuable information about your website. Consequently, it allows actions to be taken that guarantee the resolution of any problem involving your domain.

What is Search Console for?

The various tools found in Search Console allow you to improve your website's ranking in search engines. With the GSC you can:

  • Track vital data on your site: Google Search Console allows you to fully analyze your site’s performance against Google searches. You can check how often your pages appear in searches. In addition, it is also possible to see what are the main queries that direct to your website and the frequency with which this happens
  • Content optimization: GSC allows you to quickly identify problems on your pages, including the content part. It is possible to quickly solve these problems, as the tool points out exactly where the anomaly is. Right after solving the problems, you can ask Google to have the search site index the content again
  • Indexing problems: Search Console uses smart alerts to warn the user if there are any indexing problems, spam, or any other type of problem on the website
  • Improvement of the site: the Google tool facilitates the introduction of new content on your site, in addition to ensuring that they are working correctly. In addition, Search Console also shows the degree of usability for your website's mobile devices, showing if there is anything that needs improvement.

Google Search Console Metrics

The four metrics specific to Google Search Console are:

  • Clicks: In Google Search Console, the click metric is directly related to the behavior of Google searchers. Represents the number of times users click on one of your pages after searching for a specific query
  • Impressions: This metric is related to the number of times a page on your site appears in a Google SERP. Impressions can be related to the overall value for the page or the total number of impressions obtained for a specific query
  • Click-through rates: the percentage of users who see an impression on one of your pages and then click on it. Let's take an example: on a page with 10 impressions and 1 click, the click rate will be 10%
  • Average position: this is where a SERP, its content appears for different search queries. For example, does it reach the valuable position of a consultation? Or is it not even on the first page?

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