How Important are Tags for your Site in 2021?

April 10, 2021

You are interested in a subject and look for it in the search engine: Google. In a fraction of a second, countless results appear on your screen. The question is, which page do you navigate to?

"75% of users never click on results after the first page of search results."

Sites with incredible layouts, content written with technique, images that reflect the brand values, ​​and impeccable organization. Without a doubt, these are fundamental points for your user's experience - but what if he is just one among so many other search results? The big challenge here is to reach the top of the ranking and impact a large number of people.

A tool that can help optimize your positioning is Tags. But before we talk about how it works, we need to understand what this concept means.

Basically, tags work as a kind of label, which categorizes subjects to be found more easily. In blogs, for example, posts are classified according to the topics covered, which facilitates navigation by the user.

When it comes to SEO, other points must be taken into account. Today, we are going to talk about the main types of Tags used for this purpose.

Title Tag

The main objective of Title Tag is to take the lead to have a preview of the subject that will be addressed as soon as they click on your link. As it is the user's first contact with your content, it is important that it is descriptive, succinct, and attractive.

Remember: knowing your target audience in depth can help you create the most appropriate Title Tag. For example: if you want to reach people with low schooling, focusing on an informal language and without technical terms should be your premise.

The size of your Title Tag also affects the results. Depending on the number of characters, the text may not appear whole and may be cut off. The width established by Google is 600 pixels. So, prefer a limit of 55 - 60 characters.

Meta Description

Although not entirely linked to Google ranking, the Meta Description complements the Title Tag, which provides more information to the user.

Think: what makes you click on a specific website on the first page of results? Probably, in addition to the title, you can see the description below and quickly analyze if it has a connection with what you are looking for. So, in addition to getting straight to the point, grab the reader's attention and convince them that your site really contains what they are looking for. Mental triggers of authority, novelty, and urgency are powerful weapons of persuasion that can (and should) be used.

There is no ready formula…

If you want to achieve better results, there is no cake recipe: study your product/service, plan ahead and look for references.

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