Important SEO Trends in 2021 One Should Know About

January 16, 2021

Important SEO Trends in 2021 One Should Know About 

Like every end of the year, in all Digital Marketing areas, forecasts on trends for next year come to light. No one is surprised and has everything prepared to adapt to the ongoing changes that arise in the online sector; today we bring the SEO Trends for 2021 pointed out by experts in SEO positioning.

User experience and interaction, increasingly important

The first SEO trend is User experience, which continues to be one of Google's biggest goals. The metrics related to user interaction and on-page experience will continue to gain more potential.

Satisfying the user is increasingly going to be a decisive factor, and loading speed elements are essential for a correct experience on the site. On the other hand, we will see how Google Discover continues to grow and how it is becoming a very important traffic channel for informational sites.

"Full Mobile Index" for SEO trends

SEO is neither created nor destroyed, it is only transformed. 2021, in quotation marks, will not bring anything new or revolutionary but will give continuity to the trends that we have already been talking about in recent years.

It is expected that during this coming year (expected in March), "Mobile-first index" will become "full mobile index" so that for those who are still late, no longer there will be excuses: the user experience in mobile becomes essential and that of hiding or eliminating leftover texts from the desktop version will be left behind.

Any website must be designed with all the information accessible from mobile devices. On the other hand, as Google has already confirmed, Web Core Vitals will become one more ranking factor, so keep an eye on - once again - with all the user experience, loading times, and changes that occur in the page from loading until the user interacts. 

Local SEO increasingly important

The pandemic has changed our way of life, and it has also changed our internet browsing habits.

Suppose local SEO was becoming very relevant, now more, especially in transactional searches. Now selling cheese online is not just a matter of eCommerce; neighborhood stores also come into play, even without a website. 

Featured Snippets

Featured fragments or Featured Snippets will become increasingly important. Since they were implemented in 2017, they remain an essential objective for sites that want to position themselves and gain relevance.

seo trends
seo trends 2021

Google Discover for SEO Trends

The expert claims that this is a great source of organic traffic. It is an exclusive mobile function that adds content to the users' feed or the application according to the interests of navigation of the users. To appear in Google Discover, it is crucial to have an AMP version (although it is not mandatory) and manage Google News for Publisher.

Content is classified based on algorithms that inspect user interest and content quality. Although Google hasn't communicated precise factors, it appears that browsing history, location history, calendars, app usage, home and work locations, and search history are all relevant.

New Apple search engine gains traction for SEO Trends 2021

If it were to occur, great news would be the launch of a new search engine by Apple that could possibly compete directly with Google.

Some of the latest actions carried out by apple's flagship indicate this, such as the increase in activity by Applebot, its tracking robot.

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