What does Link Building in 2021 mean for your website SEO?

February 2, 2021

Link building in 2021 is a powerful SEO strategy, which aims to optimize and increase traffic to your site.

By building a true network of links, both external and internal, you will be showing Google that your website is a reference in your market. This way, your pages will increasingly be at the top of the search site.

Did you know that Google search engines place a lot of importance on links? Because of this, link building is considered one of the pillars of SEO and is essential to optimize your website's traffic.

It is no use just creating a website with a responsive layout or creating relevant content. It is also extremely important to combine these strategies together with link building.

A powerful network of links makes all the difference to improve your website and make it as optimized as possible for Google's search engines.

What is so-called link building ?

Within SEO, link building is one of the most important and essential strategies to take your blog, website, or E-commerce to the top positions of Google.

Link building is nothing more than building a network of links, which aim to increase traffic to a page and also to strengthen your site in search engines.

Remember that these links can be both external and internal. The vast majority, however, regard link building only as external links.

External links are also called backlinks. The backlinks are present on other sites, which point to your domain. Therefore, the more backlinks you present, the more Google will assume that you are an authority on a particular subject.

Is it worth using link building in 2021?

We can already answer you in advance: yes, it is extremely important to work with link building! Working to build a solid network of links is very important to improve the authority of the site. There are some strategies that can be used to create a strong network of links to your site.

Link building and off-page SEO

Many people tend to say that off-page SEO and link building are exactly the same. But this is a wrong statement and we will now explain why.

Off-page SEO is related to all aspects of optimization that are outside of your page, such as external links and pages on social networks. In turn, link building is directly linked to the construction of your domain links.

In that case, link building is just a part of what off-page SEO represents. For a completely efficient link building strategy, it is best to have well-defined on-page and off-page SEO strategies.

That is, in addition to seeking other sites to link to your pages, it is also extremely important to link your pages internally.

In the case of a blog, for example, the user will be invited to explore more content produced by you with articles that have links from other pages of your blog.

In E-commerce, you will be showing more products to the customer, increasing the chances that he may buy more than one product.

Link building is a digital marketing strategy that is vast and full of peculiarities. In fact, it is extremely important to understand some precautions to be taken with link building.

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