Marketing on Instagram: Step by Step for your E-commerce

April 10, 2021

Working with Marketing on Instagram is an extremely assertive strategy. This is because, since its creation, this social network has become the best platform for sharing images. A full plate for companies to increase their engagement!

There are more than 1 billion active users on Instagram. More than 60 million photos posted every day and also about 1.6 billion likes daily.

The social network gains more and more space to be a sales channel, being indispensable for E-commerce.

Instagram marketing is increasingly on the rise, as it offers great possibilities for small, medium, and also big brands.

The social media platform is a powerful sales tool, as well as enabling the closest communication with your target audience.

If you want to better understand how to do Instagram marketing and use it in your E-commerce, then you are in the right place.

The Advantages of Marketing on Instagram

Instagram is not really a new social network. It was created in 2010, but not so many years ago that the social network started to be more successful, since before users preferred to use Facebook, Twitter, and the late Orkut.

Currently, many people prefer to follow the photos on Instagram than the texts and controversies involved with other social networks.

The reason for this to happen, according to many users, is that Instagram offers greater rest than other platforms. In addition, Instagram is a network dedicated to lifestyle and also offers lighter content.

A survey conducted in 2019, states that 70% of respondents have an Instagram account and also access the social network with great frequency.

In addition, 47% of respondents say they have already purchased a product indicated on Instagram by an influencer or in some advertising.

One of the biggest advantages of investing in Instagram marketing is that you will have at your disposal the wide reach offered by the platform. Certainly, your potential customers are on Instagram, so it is extremely important to invest in a marketing strategy on the platform.

Some of the ways to use the Instagram business profile

If you have an online store, it is extremely important to create a commercial profile for E-commerce.

If your company already has an Instagram profile and this account is not a commercial one, you will need to change to one.

You just need to go to settings and click on “Switch to business profile” to start the change.

There are several benefits that permeate a commercial profile. One of these benefits is the possibility that you have to create and publish ads, without necessarily using Facebook's boosting tools.

You'll also have Instagram analytics tools, called Insights, available that provide statistics on impressions and reach of posts.

Having a business account on Instagram will bring a number of benefits to your profile and further optimizing the use of the social network.

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