The Most Common Black Heat SEO techniques

April 10, 2021

Let us present what are the main practices of Black Hat SEO. But we need to emphasize: it is for your knowledge. Don't do this in practice.

The selected techniques are the most common within Black Heat SEO. However, they can change frequently.

This is mainly because Google's algorithms are constantly updated. These updates are made to prevent sites from circumventing good search engine optimization practices.

Now let's get to know the techniques!

Keyword Stuffing

This is actually a poorly used SEO practice, which often happens when the person wants to do the right things.

It happens when you abuse the use of a keyword. In keyword stuffing, the keyword is repeated unnecessarily and harmful, including the meaning of your text.

This is a harmful practice for Google and also extremely horrible for the user. Many sites use this practice in the title, placing random words and also repeating the keyword.

In addition, in the text, the keyword is repeated extensively. Upon noticing the abuse of the keyword in the text, search engines identify it as spam. So: don't try!

Hidden Text

If you already know how to work with SEO practices, you already understood that your content is relevant for Google and also for search engines.

Thus, it is more than clear that placing a hidden text on your website is a clear Black Hat SEO practice. That's because this practice is exactly what the name says: a text that is hidden.

If it is hidden, what value would the text have for the user?

The hidden text is made by a developer, who injects keywords, without worrying about cohesion, as the text will not be read. Only Google's search engines read the content and the user doesn't see it.

In this hidden content, the developer can inject several keywords to try to deceive the search engines.

Hidden Links

Links are extremely important in an SEO strategy. They are fundamental to define the positioning of a page, which is why people insert links in the page's codes.

The main purpose of using hidden links is to increase a page's PageRank. But in discovering this practice, Google will put its content further down in user search.

Doorway Pages

The doorway pages strategy works as follows:

You have a website, which may be poorly optimized and performing poorly. Instead of improving your website, a new page is created, with a specific domain, that uses your keyword.

On the new page are the contents and a series of links optimized for the real site, considered bad.

Thus, a good position of the pages that are the entrance doors is guaranteed. However, this optimization is done by deceiving Google.

Link Farming

The farming link, speaking briefly, is also a Doorway Pages technique. But in this case, there are many sets of pages for the same keyword.

This is a massive creation of links to your site, through collections of sites that are only there to act as an intermediary, between the search and your real page.

This strategy does not make much sense. Especially when we consider that you can invest the same time to optimize your website with healthy SEO practices.

Comments Spam

This is a well-known Black Hat SEO practice and can be easily seen on a number of websites.

Black Hat SEO practitioners use spam in comments in an attempt to develop a backlink strategy build. Scripts are used to post comments on other sites, blogs, forums, and social networks.

Cloaked Pages

The Cloaked Pages is to create two versions of the same page. One is super optimized, without considering the user experience and the other page offers a reader-friendly experience.

After that, a validation code is applied, by IP in most cases, which will identify the site visitor.

If the user is a search engine robot, he is directed to the super optimized page. So indexing that content takes the site to the top of the search.

If he is a normal user (person) he will visit the friendly site, with good content for him, but not so good for SEO.

Duplicate Content

One of the techniques most used by those who work with content marketing (bad professionals, by the way) is the duplication of content.

Not only the bulk of the content but also the meta tags. Title, meta description, and images, all of which have black hat SEO.

Even if it saves time - after all, it will not be necessary to work with content creation - duplicate content will not benefit your page.

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