What are the Marketing Traffic Sources to your Website?

April 10, 2021

The method of dividing traffic is by source. It shows the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns used, the effectiveness of the promotion in the price/quality ratio, and the "sinking" sources, which should be worked on more actively in order to increase the amount of traffic from all possible directions.

Search Results

From the name, it is clear that traffic from search results is new visitors who came to the site from a search engine in the spirit of Google or Yandex. The principle of operation is obvious. A person opens a browser, enters a request in the address bar in the spirit of "buy a jacket" or "buy sneakers online with delivery." In response, search engines show him the popular stores that best match the request. A person clicks on the link and immediately becomes a visitor, generating a new "visit" to the site.

The site that is at the top for queries wins in search results. It's easy to guess that either the most popular resources or resources with huge advertising budgets will get to the top. It will take a good SEO specialist to bring the page to the first positions and not catch the "filter".

Contextual Advertising

Specific advertising investments are used here. Such links can be located in the first positions of search results or in advertising banners.

Such ads look much less natural than searches from a search engine. It is immediately obvious that they are trying to sell you something. Its advantage in context is that the ads will be seen by really interested users.

True, this is true only for resources that have a competent targeting specialist in their staff who can customize the display of advertising for the target audience. Without

careful adjustment, the benefits of advertising will be small, and the costs will increase significantly because each click on contextual advertising is paid by the one who ordered it.

Social Networks

Social media traffic sources can be divided into two more categories:

  • ●  those that come from contextual advertising,
  • ●  and those that come from posts (a more natural way). The first option hardly differs from standard contextual advertising. These are the same mini-banners located in the sidebar, in the middle of the news feed, in individual sections of the interface, or among stories. They appear on social networks of the target audience of the service or application. The second option is more like native advertising. Posts that are not flagged as ads and look like "personal opinion" or recommendations. There is no need to set up such advertising, it is enough to contact a "public" or a large account to which potential buyers are subscribed and order the corresponding post there. In the future, it will generate free organic traffic. Crowd Marketing This is a technique for placing advertising links on forums, reviews, and social networks. All of this is presented as inadvertently left advice. Let's say the forum is discussing tires, and people are looking for the best store that sells them. Suddenly, a person suddenly appears on the forum, casually describing your store and leaving a link to it. And then he repeats this procedure on another 30 forums, reviews, and social networks.

Thus, advertisers grab the attention of the crowd and try to generate natural traffic from thematic forums, from groups in social networks associated with the direction of the promoted site, etc.

Unfortunately, such posts often look pretentious advertising. People notice that they are trying to sell something, and therefore ignore the link and form a negative opinion about the brand that is trying to promote itself in such a cheap way. Therefore, to increase traffic through crowd marketing, you need a competent copywriter.

Direct Transitions

This is a transition to your page without using additional sources. The user knows about the existence of your site and visits it specifically by entering the name into a search engine or a link into the address bar of the browser.

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