Ready for SEO Content Marketing Strategy in 2021?

January 17, 2021

SEO Content Marketing strategy helps today's economy and small business needs. The magic formula for understanding what your audience likes and innovating is to vary the size and format of your content.

So, you make it attractive to different reader profiles.

Create Different Types of SEO Content Marketing Strategy

Merging short and long posts with videos, infographics, and tests ensure a more engaging space on the web and the curiosity of your readers.

We should always use epic posts and ebooks, infographics, and short posts in our blog content strategy.

Write Headlines that Convert

The titles and intertitles are some of the most essential elements of your content. Without an attractive title, even the most complete post will be discarded by the hurried reader.

Take the example of BuzzFeed: before posting the articles, the site team writes at least 20 different titles until they choose one that attracts more readers.

And the strategy has worked! After all, in 2014, the list website won 1 out of every 4 Facebook readers.

Post Content on other Platforms

You may have thought when you saw that title: "But I want to attract traffic to my website, why am I going to post my content on other platforms?"

This thinking makes some sense because it is through the content that you attract people to your domain.

But when you use other platforms to publicize what you write on your blog, it invariably attracts people to follow your blog and see more of your fantastic content!

One of the most exciting platforms for this is LinkedIn Pulse.

LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn has become much more than a platform to find jobs. According to a HubSpot survey, LinkedIn traffic generated the highest visitor conversion rate per lead, reaching 2.74%. The rate is 3 times higher compared to Twitter, which has more than 0.69%. On Facebook, the quality is 0.77%. LinkedIn Pulse allows us to discover trends and popular articles according to our interests. There, you can monitor the most famous content and register to receive email notifications.

And you don't have to be an influencer to post on that platform! You can link content from your blog to LinkedIn Pulse. To access this tool, access the Interests menu in the main navigation of the social network.

You can also take the opportunity to generate engagement within the discussion groups. In these groups, it is possible to publicize your posts, debate, and find out about your market.


Another alternative platform is Medium, which can generate traffic to your blog if you post your texts.

Suppose you are not yet very familiar with this tool. In that case, Medium works as a mix of RedditTumblr, and Pinterest, in which text content is posted and disseminated according to tags and collections divided into subjects.

That is, people who do not access your blog may have contact with your content and end up going to your page! It is undoubtedly a source of traffic that can not be missed.

No matter what your SEO Content Marketing strategy was in 2020. The important thing is that you test as many alternatives as you can and analyze the results well.

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